Campo di Bella LLC

Pandemic Business Operations

OVERVIEW OF SITUATION On March 15th, 2020 Dane County Public Health issued a countywide moratorium on mass gatherings effecting the operation of restaurants and other facilities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Phase 1 of Forward Dane will begin on Tuesday May 26th, 2020 which will allow the gradual reopening of restaurants while maintaining certain public health restrictions. ARE YOU OPEN? Yes, we are open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please see our business hours and dining event times for up-to-date information. We are accepting a limited amount of reservations for onsite dining and pre-order take-out. WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING AND HOW WILL YOUR DINNERS OPERATE? We will not offer communal dining for the remainder of 2020 and likely the beginning of 2021. Seating in the restaurant and winery will be restricted to the maximum specified by current public health guidelines. We will offer outdoor seating. Both indoor and outdoor seating will follow public health social distancing guidelines. Request for indoor versus outdoor seating will be on a first-come first-serve basis at time of checkout. If a vegetarian option is offered, the customer must make a choice by listing vegetarian option on the checkout notes. If no choice is specified the entree will default to the meat option. There can be no modifications once we close to reservations on Wednesday evening. WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS INCLEMENT WEATHER OR PUBLIC HEALTH RESTRICTS DINING? Meals will be prepared to-go for those of you who are seated outside in case of inclement weather. If public health imposes more restrictions for on-site dining, your meals will be prepared to-go. Please note that there are no refunds for inclement weather or for new dining restrictions implemented by public health. If indoor dining is at capacity, you will not be able to be moved inside. Please do not make a reservation if you are not willing to take these risks. HOW ARE YOU PROTECTING YOUR CUSTOMERS AND WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THEM? Employees will not be allowed to to work if they are febrile, have respiratory symptoms or are ill in general. Employees will wear gloves and a mask while interacting with you and handling food. All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized multiple times during our daily operation. Hand sanitizer will be available for use by our customers. The kitchen area is off limits to all customers. We ask that you follow current social distancing guidelines. Please wear a mask if not actively engaged in dining or drinking. Please limit coming into the winery unless you are seated indoors or there is a legitimate need. WHEN WILL THE MEALS BE POSTED AND HOW DO I ORDER ONE? All menus will be posted on our website 2 weeks in advance. We will continue to add more dinners on a rolling or weekly basis. We will not be posting menus farther out than 2 weeks due to inevitability of more changes associated with the pandemic. Making a reservation for take out is the same as making a reservation for one of our dinners. Log into our website, or create an account if you don't have one, and click Purchase Reservation next to the meal listing you are interested in. You should specify that your order is for take out in the customer notes section prior to checkout. You may complete the transaction and pay by credit card on line. HOW DO I PAY FOR A DINNER, TAKE OUT OR ADDITIONAL ITEMS? We are accepting payments online only and not in the winery to reduce the chance of illness to our customers and staff. Payment for dinners and take out will be completed at checkout. If you purchase wine, appetizers or other items, you will be given an additional bill that may be payed directly online before you leave through our Submit Payment link on our website. We prefer not to handle cash to reduce the spread of illness. CAN I MAKE A MENU SUBSTITUTION? No. Not at this time. This has truly become a family run business with limited staffing. WHEN DO I HAVE TO ORDER BY? The sooner the better. This will allow us to get the appropriate amount of ingredients to prepare your meal. We will close reservations at midnight the Wednesday before the weekend of the event. HOW DO I PICK UP MY TAKE OUT ORDER? Arrive at the winery at the time and date specified on your reservation. Send us a text at 608.320.9287 and let us know you have arrived. Someone will place your to-go bag with your name on it on a table outside for you to pick up. Someone will notify you that your order is ready. Please respect social distancing while picking up your order. Do not enter the winery if you don't have to. Please do not come to the Winery/Restaurant if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms. CAN I CANCEL AND GET A REFUND? Our standard terms apply. There are no refunds, for any reason, within a 7 day time frame from the dinner date selected. Please see our TERMSpage for further information. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER DINNERS THAT ARE LISTED THIS YEAR? All existing reservations are still valid unless the dinner event needs to be canceled due to continued pandemic restrictions. Dinners will be listed as "On Hold" until further notice. You may login to our web site and check your reservation status under the drop down menu. WILL THERE BE MORE CHANGES? Change is certain. OTHER Let's continue to hope this passes as quickly as possible. We value you as customers and look forward to seeing your smiling faces under the blue summer sky having a drink on the patio. Thank you for your continued support. MaryAnn, Marc, Matteo, Massimo and Stella